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Joan Wise Classic Female Wrestling Video 677

   If it's a war you're looking for, you've got it! Two super turn-on mean and dominant ladies, take each other apart. Intense, spirited wrestling and catfighting action as each lady gives as good as she gets. Slapping, spanking, hairpulling, tit and crotch mauling--each fighter absorbs incredible punishment. The loser would rather die fighting, but a winner finally emerges and forces many submissions from her foe. Ignoring her captives' cries of submission, the winning warrior yanks her head into her nude, open, waiting crotch, entraps her in an inescapable headscissors and tortures her.This is a sensational video and will drive you wild. .

720 X 480 | WMV | 16 minutes | 103 megs | 15.99

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Video 677 Video 677

Video 677 Video 677

Video 677

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