"Action Packed Tits and Torture"

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Joan Wise Classic Female Wrestling Video 735

This action-packed encounter, as punishing head scissors, school boy pins, full nelsons, hair pulling, tit-mauling, body punching, suffocating breast smothers, hand over mouth choking, painful pussy torture, spanking and awesome, pulverizing head scissors, and we finally learn who the superior lady is. Does the triumphant battler prove she knows how to enjoy her victory, as long, lingering, inescapable school boy pins, are followed by dynamite punishing front and rear face sitting, and there’s lots more punishment to come, as the cruel victor gleefully twists and tortures her enemies pussy, and still enraged, she further destroys her with inescapable torturous hammerlocks, bow and arrow, chicken wings, awesome head scissor, pulverizing face sitting, and must – see domination, and humiliation.

640 x 480 | WMV |11 minutes | 59 megs | $11.99

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Video 735 Video 735

Video 735 Video 735

Video 735

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