"Fighting's End Reward"

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Joan Wise Classic Female Wrestling Video 760

Terrific action-packed wrestling and fighting is the name of the game, as each fighter gains the advantage. Displaying faces, tits, asses and spirits to match, the battle rages as painful holds are exchanged, tits and pussies are mauled and then finally an inescapable murderous headscissors forces the loser into total submission. Does the victorious fighter ever know how to enjoy the fruits of her victory as she hurts, humiliates, and dominates her beaten foe. After incredible hard and suffocating front and rear facesitting, a turn-on kissing scene ensues, followed by an incredibly sexy ending as the loser is forced to make her mistress cum by licking her gorgeous cunt and now both ladies are so aroused that turn-about is fair play. The victim is now brought to orgasm too when it is her turn to be serviced.

720 x 480 | WMV |11.17 minutes | 132 megs | $10.99

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Video 760 Video 760

Video 760 Video 760

Video 760

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