"Wicked Cruel Torture"

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Joan Wise Classic Female Wrestling Video 761

Watch this young, huge, incredibly powerful, big-assed, big-titted, and a super turn-on totally dominate her male victim.She is cruel, she punishes, tortures, and destroys him. Crushing, torturous bodyscissors, as her ample, shapely, powerful thighs do their thing, and then massive tits engulfing and smothering her smaller foe. As if this weren't punishment enough for the beaten and battered long, lingering schoolboy pins, and then lots and lots of cock and ball torture, and the huger, more powerful nude female body does in the smaller nude male body. Kneeing him in the groin, kicking him, spanking him, and nearly ripping his penis off, and then a devastating series of excruciating headscissirs which nearly tear Ricardo's head off, as the beating continues. Really enjoying herself now, the gleeful but still mean, super lady places her huge, shapely ass on his face and proceeds to ride, grind, and pump his head into near oblivion, all the while continuing to really work his tortured penis over.

720 x 480 | WMV |12.56 minutes | 151 megs | $11.99

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Video 761 Video 761

Video 761 Video 761

Video 761

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