"Hell Cats Collide"

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Joan Wise Classic Female Wrestling Video 770

After much give and take, Brandi gains control, and is back to her old ways, as she makes Alecia pay for her challenge, while pinning, face sitting, and refusing to allow Alecia to surrender. By now, Alecia has had enough, and finally escaping her wicked tormentor, she indeed makes good on all of her earlier promises, as she painfully applies wedgies, wickedly pulls hair, applies painful holds, and goes on the attack. Her own brand of warfare includes more wedgies, school boy pins, hand over mouth suffocation, breast to breast, and crotch to crotch action, cruel pussy and tit torture, and a final crushing body scissor and then hurtful, evil, hard face sitting. Proclaiming, "You’re mine, all mine," the hellcat slaps her victim hard, defiantly spits on her, and comes close to suffocating Brandi, as she gleefully covers her face with her hand, and takes her breath away.

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Video 770 Video 770

Video 770 Video 770

Video 770

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