"Super Blonde Sex Fight"

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Joan Wise Classic Female Wrestling Video 777

This absolutely awesome match was never intended for release but at the fervent urging of several fans we have decided to off this magnificent treat as an incredible match up of gorgeous, hot blondes who love it mix it up and then get if on! A super fight and struggle followed by a torrid sexual encounter: who could ask for anything more. Intense, terrific action and an amazing ending which leaves the loser crying, begging, weeping, totally devastated and broken and she now must live up to her end of the bargain – and does she ever! Hotter than anything you’ve ever seen before as the sole kissing, tit worship and kissing, and awesome pussy action will drive you out of your mind. Pussies and tits mauled, grinded, rubbed, licked and kissed, super breast to breast and crotch to crotch action and orgasm after orgasm as the gorgeous warriors pleasure each other.

640 x 480 | WMV |17.45 minutes | 169 megs | $12.99

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Video 777 Video 777

Video 777 Video 777

Video 777

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