"My Cunty Mistress"

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Joan Wise Classic Female Wrestling Video 786

Cunty Anastasia is all woman, great thighs, luscious ass, succulent tits and an insatiable lust. She comes upon Trev as he is on the couch, naked, attempting to relieve what's between his legs. Anastasia takes care of that for him. With her thighs, her ass, and her cunt she gives him more than he can handle. She demands his tongue to give her thrills. This Trev does in every way possible. Not an inch of her luscious ass and wet cunt escapes Trev's mouth and tongue. All the while his hand is kept busy at his own crotch, until she gets him so immersed in her femininity that he hasn't got time to service himself.

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Video 786 Video 786

Video 786 Video 786

Video 786

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