Fast and Furious Female Submission

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Joan Wise Classic Female Wrestling Video 816

All you can ask for and more in this video, as the wrestling is fast and furious, hair is pulled, pussies and tits are grabbed, squeezed and bitten, as each fighter gives and takes a pounding. Bianca is super tough, and gives her all, but Star is too big and powerful for her, and her long, powerful, legs are lethal and hurt Bianca mercilessly. After cutting off Bianca's air supply, as she uses her magnificent ass to punish, torture, and destroy her victim, Bianca is spread eagled, and her nude open pussy will drive viewers nuts as Bianca is at her conqueror's mercy. You are going to be blown away by Star- she is sensational! A super wrestler, incredible face-sitter, loves pussy and fit torturing her victim, and is meaner than hell. After a job of face-sitting which must be seen to be believed, the incredible warrior makes her victim pleasure her orally, and then after a torrid kissing scene, this all-time great video climaxes literally and figuratively, as the two divine women rub and grind crotch to crotch until they both reach orgasm!

720 X 480 | WMV |20:26 minutes | 238 megs | $18.95

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Video 816 Video 816

Video 816 Video 816

Video 816

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