Cruel and Dominant Punishment

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Joan Wise Classic Female Wrestling Video 823

Michelle is a sultry, street tough brunette and Becky is a sexy blonde and they both love to fight. Becky follows Michelle home after a traffic problem and is determined to kick her ass. They go to war, and the collision is more furious the the two autos, as the tough girl makes the hot blonde sorry. Michelle is cruel and dominant and shows no mercy as time and time again she hurts her hated victim. She strips Becky not only of her clotehs, but her ego and her dignity as well, as she gleefully dominates her victim. Hair pulling, tit and pussy mauling, breast to breast, and crotch to crotch action, tit smothering, and more, as sexy Michelle is one vicious lady. Not through yet, Michelle completes the job with fierce and punishing front and rear facesitting and a brutal, torturous headscissors, and a final pussy smother which renders her victim helpless, hopeless and out for the count.

640 X 480 | WMV |15:00 minutes | 98 megs | $13.99

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Video 823 Video 823

Video 823 Video 823

Video 823

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