CatFighting Desires and Passion

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Joan Wise Classic Female Wrestling Video 827

There is intense wrestling and catfighting action as the battle rages and each fighter attempts to tear the other apart. Fans of huge tits will thrill, as breast smothers, tits used as battering rams and tit mauling and torture is the name of the game. The fight escalates, as hairpulling, slapping, punching, and agonizing pussy torture spurs each fighter to the limit. Finally, a victor emerges, as cries of surrender and submission are heard, but to no avail, as the loser is forced to her knees and made to apologize and beg for forgiveness as her tits are nearly ripped off. The gleeful winner is cruel and so very dominant as she makes the humiliated loser pay even more, as she firmly spanks her pussy. Proclaiming, "Give me something back or I'm going to kick your ass all over again," she is scary as she now sits on her victims face and makes her lick her pussy and breasts. Both turn-on ladies are now filled with desire and passion, and cannot stop until some of the hottest pussy to pussy grinding action, torrid kissing, and pussy eating, drive them to incredible orgasmic satisfaction. Great fighting, unbelievable sex, and a classic video.

640 X 480 | WMV |9:38 minutes | 92megs | $10.99

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Video 827 Video 827

Video 827 Video 827

Video 827

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