Sexy Kitten Domination

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Joan Wise Classic Female Wrestling Video 831

Famed sex kitten Candy, having watched her friend Scarlet do in Rock decides it's now her turn to user her feminine wiles and she overpowers tough guy Jake. Jake is tough and strong and puts Candy through a lot of punishment as he has his way with her. Finally the tide is turned as a well-placed kick to the groin immobilizes and hurst Jake. Clever Candy follows up her advantage by grabbing and squeezing his private parts for an eternity. Jake is no wimp and fights back, but now Candy ahs found the secret as she continues squeezing his privates. A punishing headscissors renders Jake helpless and now frustrated, he commits the grave mistake of ripping off his conquerer's panties. Now he is in real trouble. Aswesome facesitting as Candy rides, grinds, and pumps her beautiful ass all over Jake's head and face. Not through yet, the hot lady uses her breasts to further prove her point, and does she ever enjoy her victory as she torments Jake by alternately kicking, stomping and confusing hm by tatalizingly kissing him. Fans of erotic mixed wrestling will turn on to luscious Candy as she has her way with tough guy Jake.

720 X 480 | WMV |11:20 minutes | 107 megs | $10.99

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Video 832 Video 832

Video 832 Video 832

Video 832

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