Strong and Aggressive CatFighting

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Joan Wise Classic Female Wrestling Video 838

Strong, aggressive, mean and invicible is the gorgeous blonde as she destroys Julie. Julie struggles valiantly, and gives it all she's got, but is no match for the powerful and wicked Raquel. Combining wrestling holds and strong crushing scissors, with catfighting moves she knows so well, Raquel gleefully takes her smaller foe apart. She crushes Julie with her bigger, stronger body and applies breathtaking breast smothers, and inescapable breast to breast and crotch to crotch holds as the onslaught continues. Becky finally asks for release, but is denied as Raquel becomes even more incensed--"I'm not done with you!" Raquel makes Julie kiss her feet, kiss and lick her pussy, and covers her face with her rude ass, which almost suffocates her. Watching her ride all over Becky's face is delicious and will drive you wild. A final headscissors into her nude crotch puts Becky into semi-consciousness. "Good night!

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Video 838 Video 838

Video 838 Video 838

Video 838

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