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Joan Wise Classic Female Wrestling Video 875

These two combatants really know how to wrestle and fight; they hurt each other time and again in this brutal, dead even war. Inescapable, torturous scissors, pussy torture, hair pulling, suffocating boob smothers, tit biting and mauling, turn-on breast to breast and crotch to crotch action as the battle rages. A must-see, sensational, inescapable headscissor submission is gained but the victor refuses to release the hold and submits the beaten lady to incredibly cruel domination and torture. The final exclamation point is added as the victor plants her gorgeous, shapely ass on her foe's head and rides for all she's worth, nearly suffocating her in the process. This match-up was so good we immediately had the heated up fighting women tangle again, and before long you'll be treated to their second awesome encounter.

640 X 480 | WMV 11:04 minutes | 110 megs | $11.99

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Video 875 Video 875

Video 875 Video 875

Video 875

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