Throbbing Pussy Domination

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Joan Wise Classic Female Wrestling Video 877

Stroking, caressing and kissing Nikki turns Star on beyond belief, as she now sits astride her victim and pleasures herself at her expense. Crotches rubbing against crotches, pussies grinding into asses, and Star even uses Nikkiís boot to fill her up, and Star will stop at nothing, as she achieves orgasm after orgasm, using Nikkiís head and face as well to pleasure her throbbing pussy. But wait, an amazing turn of events, as fed-up, and used-up, gorgeous Nikki has had enough, and now itís her turn to spring into action as she out wrestles her larger opponent, and gleefully and cruelly exacts her revenge. She uses painful head scissors, school boy pins, and more as Star is now at her mercy as Nikki shows quite convincingly that she too know how to use her enemies face, head, feet and body to both destroy her, as well as pleasure herself. Physical and sexual domination now make Nikki one satisfied and orgasmically content lady.

640 X 480 | WMV 21:09 minutes | 191 megs | $18.95

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Video 877 Video 877

Video 877 Video 877

Video 877

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