Your Ass Is Mine - featuring Devon and Sidney - JV087

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Joan Wise Classic Female Wrestling Video 882

Two incredibly hot, sexy gals with faces and bodies to die for get into an awesome fight to the finish. Wow! what a fight. Wrestling holds to end all wrestling holds, hairpulling, pussy and tit mauling, awesome body and head scissors rage ferociously on until a victor emerges and a screaming loser must proclain, "I give, I give!" Then the triumphant warrior starts to have fun. The penalty for the loser is to subjugate herself totally. The penalties? She is forced to lick tits, crawl, and have her ass shipped with a strap. As if this were not enough the victor turns up the intensity of humiliation and forces her victim to kiss her, lick her nude pussy, and in the final capitualation her face is yanked into a waiting cunny and ass for a super face sitting. After a long smothering the victim is humiliated even further by more pussy sucking, ass kissing-- and what a sexy cunny and ass it is. This is a sensational video.

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Video 882 Video 882

Video 882 Video 882

Video 882

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