Black Stocking Erotic Cat Fight

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Joan Wise Classic Female Wrestling Video 890

Sweet 18-year-old Nikita, a gymnastic champion, is beautiful and has a very well built body. New to the fighting scene but possessing a strong instinct for survival, she fights Raisia who is a bully determined to kick sweet little Nikita's butt. And what a fight it is - the upper hand must be gained at any cost! The action quickly escalates into a literal tornado of frenzied combat, complete with chokes, grabs, slaps, scratches too numerous to recount. Hair is pulled violently and heads are slammed against the floor, as legs intertwine and hosierys are torn. The fight becomes more and more ferocious until both girls are completely naked, with a winner finally emerging following a fevered and relentless salvo of abusive kicks, pins and scissors that leaves her in a helpless shambles on the floor.

Once the winner has been determined, the erotic undertones that pervaded the action throughout the fight come to the forefront. The winner rubs and grinds herself all over her ruined enemy, exacting sexual satisfaction as the fruit of her victory. The turn-on facesitting that follows completes what is sure to become an erotic fantasy come to life!

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Video 890 Video 890

Video 890 Video 890

Video 890

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