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::: Krista Ryan vs Treena Collins :::

::: by Joan Wise :::

::: Video 9 (VT051) :::

Video 9

  It seems the stunning Treena is up to her old tricks, as she has stolen yet someone else’s husband.
  The 5’10”, 170 pound Krista has been sent by the organization to “teach the little hussy a lesson, and to put her out of commission forever”.
  Proclaiming, 'Nobody tells me what to do!', the furious Treena fights like a mad-woman in an effort to defend herself against the big-breasted blonde Amazon.
  So enraged is the beautiful Treena, that she actually holds her own for a while, and even gains control momentarily over her powerful opponent. An effective head scissors and a special pin applied by the smaller girl infuriated Krista, who now goes to work on her smaller and out-gunned foe.
  Krista really punishes Treena as she applies a series of devastating holds on her struggling victim. Great breast smothers, smashing head scissors, jumping up and down on her beaten foe’s stomach, spanking, airplane spins, breast to breast action, it’s all here in this outstanding fight.
  After powerful Krista has sufficiently tortured, taunted and humiliated her sexy opponent she is now ready for the finale. Using her large and powerful derriere both as a weapon and also erotically, she rubs, grinds, and pummels her opponents face. The face sitting is something to behold as poor, beaten Treena is helpless underneath the weight of the 170 pound victor. Sexy as well as extremely effective face highlights this must video for all fans.

35 minutes | 245 megs | 18.95

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Video 9 Video 9

Video 9 Video 9

Video 9 Video 9

Video 9 Video 9

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