Big Girl Breast Domination

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Joan Wise Classic Female Wrestling Video 919

Rock is a powerful, voluptuous blonde, 5'9", 240 lbs and 54 DD enough to pulverize a normal mortal with just her weight. Add to this size a huge, shapely ass and thighs, plus a mean streak and you've got a human destruction machine. Susan is beautiful and scrappy. These ladies go to war. This battle has excrutiating head scissors, vicious breast-smothering, hair-pulling, pussy-slapping, boob-grabbing, wedgies, spanking and crotch to crotch action. Mandi strips Susan naked. Susan covers Rock's face with her nude crotch. This makes Rock angrier. She punishes Susan with a vengeance. Susan's head almost disappedars between Rock's tree-trunk sized thighs. Rock's big ass becomes almost a lethal weapon as it smothers Susan's pretty face

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Video 919 Video 919

Video 919 Video 919

Video 919

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